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我的介绍完了,谢谢! That's all for my presentation.thank you.

  我先说这么多。 So much for my remarks for now.

  我要说的就是这些。 That's all for what I want to say.

  您看是先谈原则问题呢,还是先谈具体问题? I wonder if you would like to start with matters of principle or specific issues?

  让我先谈一个问题。 If you agree(With your permission), let me start with one issue

  在谈那个问题之前我想对您刚才讲的话谈点看法。 Before we trun to that issue, I wish to make a few comments/remarks on your presentation.

  您对此事怎么看呢? I wish to benefit from your views on this matter./ What is your view on this matter?/ How do you see this matter?

  我提议休会十分钟。 I propose a ten-minute break.

  我想接着刚才的问题讲下去。 I will pick up where we left off just now.

  对不起,我插一句。 Sorry for the interruption but

  当然可以! By all means.

  怎么都行! Whatever you say.

  我没有异议。 I have no objection.

  我方对这个问题有异议。 We take exception to this question.

  我们高兴地看到… We note with pleasure that …

  这个日期贵方觉得合适吗? I wonder if this date wuld be suitable for you?

  不知你们上午谈的怎样? I wonder how the meeting went this morning?

  我方很希望贵方能尽早给予肯定的答复。 We would greatlyl appreciate it if you could give us your favourable and prompt commitment as soonas possible.

  请你们务必在8月1日前提出意向书。 You are kindly requested to submit the letter of intent on the date no later than 1st August.

  纠缠这个问题。 Entangle this issue.

  提倡节约 Advocate/uphold thriftiness

  为了国家的繁荣 For the sake of national property

  经受了时间考验的友谊给我留下了很深的印象。 The time-tested friendship leave me a deep impression.

  密切注视 Keep close watch on

  促进密切合作 Spur/promote intensive cooperation 久仰! I've heard so much about you. 
好久不见了! Long time no see.

辛苦了! You've had a long day.You've had a long flight.

尊敬的朋友们! Distinguished/Honorable/Respected friends

  阁下(多用于称呼大使) Your Excellency

  我代表北京市政府欢迎各位朋友访问北京。 On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, I wish to extend our warm welcome to the friends who have come to visit Beijing.

  对您的大力协助,我谨代表北京市政府表示衷心的感谢。 On behalf of the Beijing Municipal government, i wish to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your gracious assistance.

  在北京过得怎么样? How are you making out in Beijing?

  我一定向他转达您的问候和邀请。 I'll surely remember you and your invitation to him.

  欢迎美商来北京投资。 American businessmen are welcome to make investment in Beijing.

  欢迎多提宝贵意见。 Your valuable advice is most welcome.

  不虚此行! It's a rewarding trip!

  您的日程很紧,我们的会见是否就到此为止。 As you have a tight schedule, I will not take up more of your time.

  请代我问候王先生。 Please remember me to Mr.Wang.

  感谢光临! Thank you so much for coming.

  欢迎再来! Hope you'll come again.

  欢迎以后多来北京! Hope you'll visit Beijing more often.

  请留步,不用送了! I will see myself out, please.

  多保重! Take care!

  祝您一路平安! Have a nice trip!

  愿为您效劳! At your service!

  为…举行宴会/宴请 Host a dinner/banquet/luncheon in honor of …

  欢迎宴会 Welcome dinner

  便宴 Informal dinner

  午宴(附有情况介绍或专题演讲等内容) Luncheon

  便餐 Light meal

  工作午餐 Working luncheon

  自助餐 Buffet dinner/luncheon

  答谢宴会 Return dinner

  告别宴会 Farewell dinner




  庆功宴 Glee feast

  招待会 Reception

  庆祝中华人民共和国成立四十五周年招待会 Reception Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

  鸡尾酒会 Cocktail party

  茶话会 Tea party

  包餐/点餐 Table d'hote/a la carte

  上菜 Serve a courst

  您的位置在这里。 Here is your seat.

  请入席! Please have a seat.

  欢聚一堂 Enjoy this happy get-together

  请随便! Please yourself at home./Please enjoy yourself.

  请各位随意用餐。 Help yourself please.

  您喝点什么? What would you like to drink?

  现在我提议,为了…和…之间的合作,为了…参议员的健康,干杯! At this point, I propose a toast: to the cooperation between … And … , to the health of Senator…, cheers!

  最后,我借主人的酒,提议为…干杯! Lastly, taking up this glass of fine wine, I propose a toast to …

  请各位举杯并同我一起为所有在座的朋友们的健康干杯! I'd ask you to raise your glass and join me in a toast ot the health of all our friends present here.

  敬您一杯! Here's to you!

  祝你健康! To your health!

  我要为此干杯! I'll drink to that!

 随量! Whatever you like!

  我失陪一会儿! Excuse me for a minute.

  菜不好,请多多包涵! Hope you enjoy yourself.

  女士们先生们,欢迎各位光临,演出很快就要开始了,请尽快就坐。 Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. The concert/show would start soon. Please get yourself seated. Thank you.

  招待会现在开始。 The reception will now begin.

  全体起立,奏国歌! All rise please. For the P.R.C.National Anthem!

  出席今天招待会的贵宾有… The distinguished guests paarticipating the reception are …

  现在请…讲话 I have the honour to call upon …

  开幕式现在结束。 This concludes the opening ceremony.

  隆重庆祝 Grand celebration

  庆祝成立…一周年 Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the Establishment of …

  热烈祝贺第一届…锦标赛 Hail the first FIFA of …

  值此节日之际致以节日的祝贺! On the occasion of the season, I would like to extend season's greetings.

祝您工作顺利、事业成功、身体健康、家庭幸福! Wish you the very best of luck in your job, every successin your future endeavours, good health and a happy family!

  衷心祝贺您当选… Hearty congratulations on your recent ecletion as …

  举行会议/研讨会/大会/座谈会/学术报告会 Hold a meeting/seminar/conference/forum/symposium

赞助人/主办人/承办人/协办人 Patron/sponsor/organizer/co-organizer

  举行谈判 Enter into negotiation

  交涉 Make representations with sb. On sth./deal with sb.

  事物性会谈 Talks at working level

  对口会谈 Counterpart talks

  议程项目 Items on the agenda

  主题 Theme

  议题 Topic for discussion

  双方商定的议程 Schedule mutually agreed upon

  开幕会议 Opening session

  全体会议 Plenary session

  开场白 Introduction

  情况介绍 Presentation

  小组讨论 Panel discussion

  同有关单位磋商 Hold consultations with the organizations concerned

  一轮会谈 One round of talks

  决议 Resolution

  谅解备忘录 Memorandum of understanding

  现在开会。 I d-e-c-l-a-r-e the meeting open.

  请…发言。 I invite the representative of …To take the floor.

  下面我给各位简要介绍一下北京的经济情况 Now I would like to give you a brief overview of Beijing's economy.