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新概念英语第三册自学导读 Lessons6
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Listen to the tape then answer the question below.


How did Mr. Taylor try to stop the thieves?

The expensive shops in a famous arcade near Piccadilly were just opening. At this time of the morning, the arcade was almost empty. Mr. Taylor, the owner of a jewellery shop was admiring a new window display. Two of his assistants had been working busily since eight o'clock and had only just finished. Diamond necklaces and rings had been beautifully arranged on a background of black velvet. After gazing at the display for several minutes, Mr. Taylor went back into his shop.

The silence was suddenly broken when a large car, with its headlights on and its horn blaring, roared down the arcade. It came to a stop outside the jeweller's. One man stayed at the wheel while two others with black stockings over their faces jumped out and smashed the window of the shop with iron bars. While this was going on, Mr. Taylor was upstairs. He and his staff began throwing furniture out of the window. Chairs and tables went flying into the arcade. One of the thieves was struck by a heavy statue, but he was too busy helping himself to diamonds to notice any pain. The raid was all over in three minutes,  for the men scrambled back into the car and it moved off at a fantastic speed. Just as it was leaving, Mr. Taylor rushed out and ran after it throwing ashtrays and vases, but it was impossible to stop the thieves. They had got away with thousands of pounds worth of diamonds.

New words and expressions生词和短语

smash-and-grab(title)/?sm$M-+n-'gr$b/ n.砸橱窗抢劫

velvet(1. 7)/'velvit/ n.天鹅绒,丝绒

headlight(1. 9)/'hedlait/  n.(汽车等)前灯

arcade(1. 1) /a:'keid/n.有拱廊的街道(两旁常设商店)

blare(1. 9) /ble+/ v.发嘟嘟声,吼叫

staff(1. 12) /sta:f/ n.全体工作人员

Piccadilly(1. 1) /?pik+'dili/n.皮卡迪利大街

raid(1. 14) /reid/n.偷袭

jewellery (1. 3)/'d{u:+lri/n.珠宝(总称)

scramble (1. 14)/'skr$mb+l/v.爬行

necklace(1. 5) /'nek-l+s/  n.项链

fantastic(1. 15) /f$n't$stik/ adj.非常大的

ring(1. 6) /riR/ n.戒指

ashtray(1. 16) /'$Mtrei/n.烟灰缸

background(1. 6) /'b$kgraund/n.背景

Notes on the text课文注释

1  Piccadilly, 皮卡迪利,这是伦敦市中心一条著名的街。这条街从海德公园通向一个著名的广场,叫作“皮卡迪利广场”。

2  with its headlights on and its horn blaring, …这是 with引导的独立主格结构,在句中表示伴随状况。3  but he was too busy helping himself to diamonds to notice any pain.

但他只顾忙着抢劫钻石,根本顾不上疼痛了。这里 help oneself to sth. 是“擅自取用,侵占某物”的意思。




Summary writing摘要写作

Write an account of the smash-and-grab raid in not more than 80 words.  Do not include anything that is not in the last paragraph.

Answer these questions in note form to get your points:

1  Did a large car enter an arcade near Piccadilly or not?

2  Where did it stop?

3  How many thieves got out of the car?

4  Did they smash the window or not?

5  Where was the owner of the shop?

6  What did he and his staff throw at the thieves?

7  Did they hit any of the thieves or not?

8  How long did the raid last?

9  Did the thieves drive away or not?

10  Did the owner run after the car or did he stay in the shop?

11  What did he throw at the car?

12  Did the thieves get away or were they caught?

13  What had they stolen?


almost(1. 2); assistants(1. 4); gazing(1. 7); several(1. 7); stayed(1. 10); smashed(1. 11).


In not more than 200 words continue the above passage using the ideas given below. Do not write more than three paragraphs.

Title: They got away.

Introduction: The thieves' car joined the traffic----Mr. Taylor took a taxi----followed the thieves' car. Development: A mad chase through the streets---- the thieves' car hit another car---- did not stop---- the police chased the police----he had been speeding----Mr. Taylor explained the situation.

Conclusion: The thieves' car was found ten minutes later----side street----abandoned----the thieves escaped on foot.

Letter writing书信写作

Suppose that you had witnessed an incident similar to the one described in the passage. Write a letter of about 80 words to a friend describing what you saw. Supply a suitable Introduction and Conclusion. Use the following ideas to write the Purpose: Tuesday morning----busy street----a man smashed the window of an antique shop----chased by passers-by----you joined in----the man was caught.

Key structures关键句型

What happened?  What was happening?  一般过去时与过去进行时(IKS79)(参见第2册第79课关键句型)


A  Underline the verbs in the passage which tell us what happened and what was happening. Note how they have been used.

B  Write sentences using the following words and phrases: just as; used to; while.

Special difficulties难点

Word building

Study these sentences:

It was possible to stop the thieves.

It was impossible to stop the thieves. (1. 16)

Note how the opposite of‘possible’has been formed. We can add dis-, in-, in-, un-, il-, or ir-  to certain words to make opposites.


Write these sentences again giving the correct opposites of the words in italics:

1  He was extremely polite.

2  I agree with you.

3  His handwriting is quite legible.

4  This report is accurate.

5  Have you locked the door?

6  Have you learnt these regular verbs?

Multiple choice questions多项选择题

Choose the correct answers to the following questions.


1  While Mr. Taylor was admiring the new window display, ______ .

a.his two assistants were arranging jewellery in the window

b.some thieves were on their way to raid his shop

c.he was standing inside his shop

d.his staff were finishing their work for the day

2  The car headlights were on and its horn blaring ___.

a.as the thieves wanted to warn people out of their way

b.as a special signal to the assistants

c.so the thieves could see where they were going

d.to break the early morning silence

3  The thieves chose to raid Mr. Taylor's shop because ___.

a.it was early in the morning and not many shops were open

b.they did not expect Mr. Taylor and his staff to try and stop them

c.it usually had a great deal of valuable jewellery on display

d.they had a very fast car to get away in


4  The expensive shops in ______ were just opening. (11. 1-2).

a.Piccadilly's famous arcade(b)  a Piccadilly famous arcade

c.a famous Piccadilly arcade

d.the famous arcade off Piccadilly

5  He ______ the display for several minutes before re-entering his shop. (11. 7-8)

a.was gazing at

b.gazed at

c.had gazed at

d.had been gazing at

6  Using bars made ___iron, the thieves smashed the shop window. (1. 11)





7  He and his staff began ______ furniture out of the window. (1. 12)

a.to throw

b.by throwing

c.and threw

d.the throwing of

8  Had he not been so busy taking the diamonds, he ______ the blow. (11. 13-14)

a.would feel

b.had been feeling

c.had felt

d.would have felt


9  To make the car‘roar down the arcade’, the driver must have ___. (11. 9-10)





10  Two others,  their faces ______ black stockings, jumped out. (11. 10-11)

a.covered with

b.overdressed with

c.overlooked by

d.made up in

11  ______ ,  Mr. Taylor was upstairs. (11. 11-12)

a.For the time being


c.As it happened

d.For a while

12  Chairs and tables were ______ into the arcade. (11. 12-13)