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新概念英语第三册自学导读 Lesson54
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Notes on the text

1  do more harm than good,害多益少。

2  wage war on,对……开战。

3  does nothing to prevent,不能阻止……。

4  go about…,做……。

5  stand in awe,肃然起敬。




Multiple choice questions

Choose the correct answers to the following questions.

Comprehension 理解

1  We may learn more about the behaviour of insects ______ .

a.and become so fascinated by them that we are no longer moved by them

b.but we are no less likely to lose our irrational fear of them

c.provided they remain unaware of our presence while we observe them

d.as long as they only harm each other and not us

2  The ant is an insect which ______ .

a.will eat its way through anything from picnic lunches to aphids

b.lives in a highly organized society which we find disgusting

c.once it has killed its prey, will bear it home in a triumphal column

d.shows great ingenuity at finding its way round any obstacle in its path

3  Had the peach tree been planted on the opposite side of the house ______ .

a.it might not have survived the severe winters

b.the writer would not have spent days looking at it

c.the ants would have had further to go before reaching it

d.the ants would not have found another route of access to the leaves

4  The reason for the ants' swarming up and down the tree was that ______ .

a.they collected a kind of honey from the leaves

b.they fed on a kind of honey contained in the sap of the tree

c.they were milking a kind of honey from the aphids on the leaves

d.they needed to go back to their nest in the branches of the tree

Structure 结构

5  By reading about them, we may increase our understanding but ______ dispel our fears. (11. 7-8)

a.we will not

b.it does not

c.this will not


6  Most of our fears are unreasonable, but we find ______ _(1. 12)

a.it impossible to erase them

b.that they cannot erase

c.them to erase impossible

d.erasing them impossible

7  ---- an experiment which, ______ failure to get rid of the ants, kept me fascinated. (11. 22-23)

a.even though it was

b.in spite of the

c.despite its

d.was a

8  ______ long to find an answer to…(11. 30-31)

a.The ants had not been

b.The ants had not been

c.The ants had not spent

d.It had not taken the ants

Vocabulary 词汇

9  Even when we know that the ant is an industrious creature which leads a highly organized life, we cannot ______ being filled with… (11. 8-10)





10  ---- we have read about the ______ sense of direction which bee possess … (1. 11)





11  The tree occasionally produces ______ _fruit. (11. 19-20)

a.deliciously fresh

b.sweet and juicy



12  I had been completely defeated by the ______ _(11. 29-30)

a.speedy swarms

b.hungry hordes

c.inventive creatures

d.ingenuous insects