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1. The only way that they can preserve their history is to recount it as sagas--legends handed down from one generation of story-tellers to another.

2.One can tell the difference almost at a glance for the spider always has eight legs and an insect never more than six.
an insect never more than six 应该理解为昆虫只有六条腿而不是昆虫绝不多于六条腿,全句翻译如下:

3. Such inns as there were dirty and flea-ridden; the food simply local cheese accompanied by bread often twelve months old, all washed down with coarse wine.

4.The gorilla is something of a paradox in the African scene.

5.All this and many other things remain almost as much a mystery as they were when the French explorer Du Chaillu first described the animal to the civilized world a century ago.
翻译:100年前法国探险家Du Chaillu第一次向文明世界叙述过这种动物,如今这一切和其他许多事情几乎像100年前一样,仍然是个谜。

6.I would have been very pleased to be regarded as something so interesting as a problem. For one thing, being a problem gives you a certain identity, and that is one of the things the young are busily engaged in seeking.

7.On the village green, where you pick up sides and no feeling of local patriotism is involved, it is possible to play simply for the fun and exercise.
解读:local patriotism是热爱本乡本土之心,注意不要理解成地方主义(localism)

8.In textile areas it has long been customary for mothers to go out to work, but this practice has become so widespread that the working mother is now a not unusual factor in a child's home life, the number of married women in employment having more than doubled in the last twenty-five years.

9. It is unusual now for father to pursue his trade or other employment at home, and his children rarely, if ever, see him at his place of work.

10. Everyone knows that if he shouts in the vicinity of a wall or a mountainside, an echo will come back.

11. In our new society there is a growing dislike of original, creative men. The manipulated do not understand them; the manipulators fear them. The tidy committee men regard them with horror, knowing that no pigeonholes can be found for them.

12. These days, it is differences in national regulations, far more than tariffs, that put sand in the wheels of trade between rich countries.
解读:强调句型,put sand in the wheels v.妨碍, 捣乱

13.As it happens, a razor that is safe in Europe is unlikely to electrocute Americans. So, ask businesses on both sides of the Atlantic, why have two lots of tests where one would do?

14.The Americans would happily reach one accord on standards for medical devices and then hammer out different pacts covering, say, electronic goods and drug manufacturing.
解读:hammer out指经过不断的或艰苦的努力达到,实现;say=for example
翻译:美国人很愿意就医疗器械的标准达成一个协议,然后推敲出不同的合同,用以涵盖 -- 比如说 -- 电子产品和药品的生产。

15.They lived well, on the proceeds of raids on neighbouring regions. There they collected women as well as food and drink, and a life of ease had made them soft.
翻译:他们靠掠夺附近的地区的财物过着舒适的生活。他们不仅搜刮吃的喝的,而且抢掠妇女,安逸的生活已使他们(丹麦军队)变得软弱无力。a life of ease had made them soft. 生于忧患,“死于安乐”。

16.As the time and cost of making a chip drop to a few days and a few hundred dollars, engineers may soon be free to let their imaginations soar without being penalized by expensive failures.

17.Mead predicts that inventors will be able to perfect powerful customized chips over a weekend at the office -- spawning a new generation of garage start-ups and giving the U.S. a jump on its foreign rivals in getting new products to market fast.
garage start-ups:车库起家者,戴尔?
翻译:米德预言发明者可以在办公室用一个周末的时间生产了完美的、功能很强的、按客户需求设计的芯片 -- 造就新一代从汽车间起家的技术人员,在把产品推向市场方面使美国把它的外国对手们打个措手不及。

18.As the heads of next-generation start-ups, these Asian innovators can draw on customs and languages to forge tighter links with crucial Pacific Rim markets.
解读:draw on 利用 rim 边缘